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Definition of come down:

Synonyms for come down:

strike, chance, betide, lace, lash down, be, dwindle, cheapen, abase yourself, cave in, nauseate, come off, lose weight, grind on, go down in someone's opinion, decoct, down, cut down, eject, linger, foreshorten, flop, hitchhike, OD, adjudicate, bargain, shine, trim, fall from grace/favor, devolve, contract, founder, subjugate, beat down, bring down, scale down, turn one's stomach, deoxidise, abuse, cook, flow, bounce back, lessen, the heavens opened, snow, make up your mind, drizzle, stand the test of time, go on, captain, go down, occur, light, keep down, depth, fathom, shuttle, trim down, resolve, ride, run on, give way, run over, dip, crash, arrive at, pelt, come about, fall, hang, derive, mainline, take forever, miss, cap, hap, hail, slim down, revolt, go, lose face, decide, decrease, subdue, boil down, fall in, drag on, dope, come up, determine, airlift, cruise, precipitate, rain, shrink, ditch, dilute, go under, concentrate, debase yourself, lower yourself, lose your balance/footing, wane, climb, bank, set, come, slenderize, fathomless, deign, do, transpire, shame, capping, tighten, see out, commit yourself, bottommost, quash, trim back, churn up, bomb, sicken, jack up, thin out, disgust, commute, deeply, deep, endure, go downhill, dishonor, demean yourself, suffer, hitch, abridge, thin, crater, pour, cut back, bottom out, return, melt off, cover, befall, come down in someone's estimation/opinion, fizzle, bottomless, shorten, accrue, fail, deal, condescend, diminish, deoxidize, repress, descend, buzz, subside, appraise, cut, pass, conclude, backfire, slim, reduce, abbreviate, collapse, knee-deep, languish.