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Definition of comeliness:

  1. Fitness; suitableness; beauty which excites respect; to come about, to fall out; to happen; to change; to come and go, to flicker; to change; to come at, to reach; to gain; to come in, to yield; to become the fashion; to obtain; to accrue, as from an estate or from trade; to come near, to approach; to come of, to proceed, as from ancestors, or as an effect from a cause; to come off, to escape; to get free; to take place, as a race; to come on, to approach; to make progress; to come out, to be made public; to be introduced into general society; to publish; to come over, to run over, as a liquid; familiarly, to get the better of any one; to come round, to recover; to revive; to come short, to be insufficient; to come to one's self, to recover, as one's senses; to come to pass, to happen; to come up to, to amount to; to rise; to come upon, to invade; to attack; all comers, all persons indifferently.


looks, decorum, decency, beauteousness, aesthetics, decentness, loveliness, paleness, cuteness, candour, respectability, properness, decorousness, usual, blondness, equity, fairness, fair-mindedness, mliness, respectableness, propriety, candor, beautifulness, correctness.

Usage examples: