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Definition of comforter:

  1. The person who, or thing which; the Holy Spirit.


fill-in, comfort, sympathiser, virtue, pouffe, afghan, allayer, merit, good, relief pitcher, boa, dog collar, bolo tie, drag, blow, conciliator, baby's dummy, teething ring, powderpuff, pull, benefit, ottoman, relief, reconciler, bow tie, pacifier, bedlinen, puff, canopy, incentive, bolster, comfortableness, feather boa, asset, privilege, quilt, puff of air, reliever, hassock, bandanna, make-peace, friend, substitute, ease, whiff, counterpane, backup, sympathizer, peacemaker, cravat, stand-in, dupatta, solace, consolation, advantage, garland, well-wisher, bedding, fireman, trump card, backup man, edge.

Usage examples: