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Definition of comic:

  1. Comical.
  2. Relating to comedy; raising mirth; droll; diverting.


rum, suspicious, absurd, hysterical, fishy, humoristic, back number, idiotic, derisory, farceur, riotous, conjurer, diverting, peculiar, cockeyed, uproarious, comedic, comedian, wry, artiste, laughable, laughing, odd, shady, act, jocund, playful, droll, jokester, gay, compact, brochure, see the funny side of something, can take a joke, back copy, cast, nonsensical, facetious, killing, comedienne, comical, I love it, zany, quipster, humourous, hilarious, farcical, screaming, chucklesome, laughter, suspect, singular, comic book, preposterous, funny, rummy, mirthful, bulletin, amusing, impish, amusive, sidesplitting, jovial, biweekly, flippant, study at funny, laugh at yourself, acrobat, ironic, antic, priceless, broadsheet, merry, back issue, ridiculous, jolly, comedy, artist, risible, ludicrous, humorous, curious.

Usage examples: