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Definition of commanding:

  1. Fitted to impress or influence; authoritative; overlooking.


kenspeckle, arresting, striking, primary, coercive, preeminent, brilliant, tyrannical, dogmatic, administrative, superior, overlooking, rosy, despotic, showy, lordly, exacting, overbearing, likely, pronounced, compulsory, premier, top-ranking, regnant, feasible, upper, compulsive, positive, bodacious, remarkable, high-and-mighty, absolute, emphatic, noisy, unconditional, prime, high up, eye-catching, up-and-coming, top-level, ascendent, dominating, healthy, unequivocal, aloft, high, preponderant, bright, domineering, arbitrary, ranking, promising, marked, irresponsible, sure-fire, elevated, imperative, conspicuous, catchy, supereminent, haughty, over, bold, lead, magisterial, sure, budding, bossy, dramatic, prominent, grabby, flamboyant, topmost, splashy, first, dominative, top, peremptory.

Usage examples: