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Definition of commemorate:

  1. To call to remembrance by a special act; to do honour to the memory of an individual or some act of his; to celebrate with honour some past event.


note, keep, brand, call up, distinguish, check off, orate, chair, tick, mark off, grade, commend, record, check, deliver, think, lecture, tape, recall, give, immortalize, pock, punctuate, stigmatise, pit, register, dedicate to, remember, read, eternize, differentiate, tag, cross off, show, mark, strike off, denounce, put down, set, retrieve, parade, eternise, think back, call back, immortalise, enter, tick off, memorialise, label, nock, stigmatize, scar, memorialize, score, admire, eternalise, strike out, eternalize, study at celebrate, address, think of, monumentalize, notice, cross out, recollect.

Usage examples: