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Definition of commend:

  1. To praise; to represent as worthy or suitable; to speak in favour of; to intrust or give in charge.


pass, commemorate, contribute, make a favorable impression (on someone), think back, look kindly on something, pat someone on the back, be really/quite something, yield, recommend, stand out, give, take your breath away, hand, call up, deliver, pay someone a compliment, entrust, think of, transmit, part with, retrieve, vest, urge, commit, sing someone's/something's praises, OK, assign, support, be an inspiration to someone, recognize, delegate, relegate, lavish, exceed (someone's) expectations, confer, transfer, consign, recollect, make an impression, repose, trust, consent, leave, laud, accredit, advocate, distribute, think, confide, condone, hand over, remember, give over, help, turn over, give something/someone the green light, put someone/something in the shade, recall, knock your socks off, call back, present.

Usage examples: