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Definition of comment:

  1. A note or remark intended to illustrate a writing, or explain a difficult passage in an author; that which explains or illustrates.
  2. To write notes to explain and illustrate the meaning of an author; to expound or explain.


criticism, talks, negotiation, color, observation, notice, aside, causerie, input signal, find, signalize, gloss, barb, mention, chin wagging, observe, commentary, gossiper, exploration, scuttlebutt, newsmonger, gossipmonger, tittle-tattle, input, annotation, back talk, exegesis, allusion, bromide, argument, sound off, judgment, chitchat, formulate, definition, speak out, stimulant, call attention, words, stimulation, detect, point out, small talk, exchange, discussion, pronounce on, remonstrate, articulate, footnote, colour, description, air, signalise, gab, rumourmonger, acknowledgment, stimulus, express, play-by-play, chin wag, gabfest, discover, state, rumormonger, inquest, rendering, obiter dictum, mark, afterthought, annotate, note, exposition, bon mot, backchat, reflection, acknowledge, consultation, gossip, chit-chat, remark, debate.

Usage examples: