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Definition of commission:

  1. the act of committing a crime
  2. The act of doing or committing anything; the state of acting by authority for another; the fee allowed and paid to an agent for the sale of property or goods; one or more persons appointed to perform certain duties; a written warrant or authority for exercising certain powers; an order; authority given.
  3. To empower; to give authority to; to depute.


committal, flash mob, appeal, ordination, brigadier, support group, bank book, bearing, cathexis, sending, military commission, bang, accreditation, focus, citizens committee, pay, bonus, prosecution, entreat, entreaty, commitment, association, application, flexible benefits, guidance, focussing, appointment, missionary work, bank rate, draftsmanship, thrill, execution, implore, committee, deputation, investiture, cherub, payment, cashier, rake-off, armorial bearing, guardianship, mission, charge, order, call away, constitution, relegating, invite, care, counselling, direction, relegation, discharge, counterfeit, demand, bootleg, salary, adjutant, brigadier-general, fulfillment, inauguration, borrower, flash mobbing, commissioning, complaint, missionary station, aide-de-camp, captain, homage, Col., missionary post, counseling, plea, boot, instruction, rush, explosive charge, Cdr., bank draft, bank, royalty, police, heraldic bearing, ask for, flavor, function, BIPS, duty, enactment, abet, flush, want, errand, board, legend, delegation, pursuance, solicitation, aesthetic, panel, summons, implementation, conscript, company car, conscription, call up, benefit, insist, double time, commit, way, delegacy, send for, foreign mission, flow-on, accusation, burster, case, engagement, bursting charge, counsel, achievement, work, focal point, centering, military mission, expense account, balance, steering, focusing, council, abduct, chief of staff, colonel, fee, buy out, delegating, perpetration, billing, banking, performance, 4-F, effect, expenses, defraud, accomplishment, APR, blackmail, combat pay, C.O., electric charge, club, composition, order up, request, kick, tutelage, bank statement, remuneration, format, AWOL, nomination, representation, obligation, extort.

Usage examples: