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Definition of commit:

  1. To intrust; to put into the hands or power of another; to send for confinement; to deposit, as in the memory; to do or effect; to perpetrate; to engage or pledge; to refer, as to a committee.


leave, throw, root for, troth, turn over, utilize, send up, bedside manner, rehearse, pledge, present, commend, jail, devote, institutionalise, run after, hand, do away with oneself, entrust, cure, shoot down, examine, abet, institutionalize, deliver, confine, couch, defraud, empower, pull up, target, persuade, law, use, urge on, ship, draw on, broadcast, transmit, bless, sacrifice, trust, hand over, commove, free, assign, commit seppuku, perpetrate, take out, ask out, burden, pose, believe, immure, overstretch, lay, rip, oblige, blame, bring off, detain, station, come out, carry out, allot, pull out, practise, render, spur, saddle, pull in, chip in, incarcerate, afford, pull, draw, prosecute, execute, lodge, bootleg, hold, put away, pull off, deplumate, reach, dedicate, negotiate, certify, commission, grant, send out, guarantee, delegate, return, force, recommend, lock away, hope, rouse, tear, rend, admit, dissuade, consecrate, give, frame, employ, arrange, encourage, carry off, air, apportion, level, case, induct, invest, put through, trust, contribute, move over, get out, pair off, exercise, part with, confide, constrain, lock up, endow, drill, fulfill, repose, obligation, feed, order, localise, achieve, beam, obligate, allocate, extort, position, indue, vow, ordain, leave to, sweep someone off their feet, have, entice, accuse, appoint, promise, bill, draw in, point, place, end it all, break, distribute, counterfeit, prod, motivate, imprison, vouchsafe, ordinate, enthrone, buck, chat up, localize, lock, get off, mail, impart, dispatch, rely, send off, fall back on, caseload, have your eye on someone, convince, direct, load, transport, excite, compass, bind, help, diagnose, shoot, authorize, agitate, seat, apply, swear, doctor, deplume, locate, establish, practice, confide, intern, endue, put, bear down, give over, rank, cast, follow through, pass on, vest, convey, site, ease up, extract, identify, relegate, turn on, make, accomplish, send, flirt, kick in, pay, rive, give way, bank, set, do, adorn, cave in, intrust, throw in the towel, gift, consume, abduct, pack it in, entrust, chase, mortgage, pluck, yield, fall in, hallow, charge up, shoot oneself, range, charge, make a pass at someone, collapse, post, commit hara-kiri, lavish, founder, come in, displume, go toward, generate, grade, consign, jug, open, transfer, file, draw out, pass, attract, blackmail, rate, prevail on, give (someone) your word, give, bring in, desire, hold someone for ransom, clothe, redact, set up, pick up, sanctify.

Usage examples: