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Definition of commonplace:

  1. A memorandum.
  2. Ordinary; neither new nor striking; common place- book, a book in which things wished to be remembered are recorded and arranged under general heads for ready reference.


ordinary, common or garden, allusion, unexciting, obligatory, trite, matter-of-fact, backchat, prosy, bromidic, garden, typical, platitudinous, prevalent, acknowledgment, prosaic, ubiquitous, timeworn, overworked, unoriginal, pedestrian, trivial, good, study at trite, musty, unremarkable, old-hat, tired, hack, well-worn, hackneyed, clich├ęd, standard-issue, threadbare, barb, unglamorous, undistinguished, workaday, stereotypic, garden-variety, earthbound, comment, overused, bon mot, indifferent, nondescript, worn-out, corny, public, cobwebby, formulaic, platitudinal, stock, humdrum, stereotyped, plain, surprise, popular, moth-eaten, aside, cliche, stereotypical, hackney, platitude, shopworn, stale, excite, household, quotidian, unglamourous, bromide, banality, unexceptional, afterthought, banal, warmed-over, back talk, cut-and-dried.

Usage examples: