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Definition of commons:

  1. In Great Britain, the lower House of Parliament whose members are elected by the people; food provided at a common table; short- commons, insufficient fare; stinted diet; Doctors Commons, in London, a college for the professors of the civil law having a great registry of wills.


parking lot, lecture hall, commonness, putting green, car park, greens, honey oil, putting surface, schoolroom, green, plebeians, third estate, special K, common, viridity, millions, hoi polloi, people, cat valium, dorm, dormitory, home room, mess hall, herd, commonalty, mob, crowd, ballpark, restaurant, commonality, plebs, super acid, language laboratory, infirmary, park, common land, public, greenness, super C, dining room, canteen, multitude, jet, commoners, leafy vegetable, classroom, lecture theatre, parking area, parkland, populace, rank and file.

Usage examples: