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Definition of commotion:

  1. Agitation; disturbance; tumult of people; confused excitement; disorder of mind.


gap, interruption, welter, coil, hurricane, flicker, bobbery, foofaraw, furor, stew, bustle, pandemonium, waver, ruckus, folie, fray, flutter, hoo-hah, garboil, ballyhoo, bedlam, bother, hurly, moil, upset, hurry-scurry, flap, break, twisting, blaring, interference, ruffle, whirl, do, hullabaloo, rumpus, turmoil, turbulence, psychological disorder, pass, order, disruption, clatter, helter-skelter, mental disturbance, go, zoo, hoo-ha, din, stir, vortex, twirl, ado, storm, blare, convolution, swirl, to-do, hurry, disturbance, spin, noise, tumultuousness, affray, fuss, splore, hurly-burly, ruction, furore, shindy, offer, blather, twist, corroboree, hubble-bubble, mental disorder, calm, williwaw, pother, fling, alarums and excursions, tumult, fluttering, flapping, kerfuffle, crack, dislocation, fun, bluster, hoopla.

Usage examples: