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Definition of communicate:

  1. To impart; to give to another; to reveal; to give, as information, & c.; to partake of the Lord's Supper; to have a passage or entrance from one place to another; to have intercourse by words, & c.


notify, speak, radio, authorize, sink, state, show, brainstorm, confabulate, expire, come about, go on, make it, blurt out, publicize, get across, conk, take place, send, transfuse, exceed, pop off, give notice, get, cause, travel by, give out, hand, pronounce, agree, phone, narrate, relate, evanesce, overstep, take, intercommunicate, distribute, cross-fertilize, censor, infect, interact, report, pass off, words, slip away, instruct, transfer, connect, insinuate, herald, come out with, tip, advance, eliminate, promulgate, draw, make known, spend, legislate, telegraph, give away, observe, transport, bestow, kick the bucket, leave, instill, extend, go through, bring, expose, picture, print, slip by, flank, exit, deliver, buy the farm, verbalize, teach, join, commune, differ, emit, knowledge, hear from, conceal, manifest, devolve, slide by, liaise, relegate, give, breathe, hand on, excrete, publish, snuff it, go, bespeak, leave word, lead, go past, say, deal with, speak out, betray, authorise, interface, clear, top, demonstrate, voice, move, telephone, impart, transcend, put forth, recite, mention, lapse, surround, write, apprise, transmit, cash in one's chips, interconnect, tell, hap, return, break, pass along, put (something) into words, pass by, articulate, overlap, pass away, click, choke, overhaul, remark, channelize, fleet, go by, channel, address, propound, shout, channelise, reach, beam, interlock, run, inform, express yourself, display, glide by, conduct, perish, adjoin, occur, describe, correspond, drop dead, surpass, vocalize, drop a hint, make pass, converse, go around, enunciate, elapse, convey, guide, submit, confer, sign, croak, circulate, turn over, acquaint, pass on, give-up the ghost, set forth, talk, move on, allege, spread, cable, hint, blow over, wire, happen, decease, evince, point out, call in, signal, go along, enlighten, intersect, pass around, comment, fall, progress, put across, carry, touch, vent, dictate, go across, develop, fall out, send word, air, march on, fetch, utter, chat, overtake, call up, die, advise, interchange, fade, egest, spread abroad, pass.

Usage examples: