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Definition of communication:

  1. The act of imparting or making known; intercourse by words, letters, or messages; correspondence; means of passing from one place to another.


elucidation, mention, relation, talk, language, briefing, conveyance, delivery, concealment, interaction, parley, advice, dialogue, tidings, conversation, spreading, touch, link, freight, communicating, description, notification, words, exposition, note, telling, translation, dealings, channel, communion, presentation, speech, turn of phrase, contact, transfer, public transport, utterance, knowledge, intercommunication, publication, self-expression, hold, writing, connection, pronouncement, mass transit, confabulation, prophecy, converse, show, transmission, intelligence, telepathy, networking, censorship, advisement, arrivals, conference, service, narration, journal, warning, speaking, intercourse, summary, public transportation, liaison, chat, word, letter, connect, colloquy, discourse, departure, articulation, excerpt, correspondence, cross-fertilization, publicity, communications, rapport, discussion, interchange.

Usage examples: