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Definition of community:

  1. A body of persons having common rights and privileges, or common interests- generally limited in its application to the inhabitants of a city, town, or district, or to a society or profession; the whole body of the people.


parallelism, cooperative, familiarity, harem, local, organization, acceptance, comradery, the Brady Bunch, likeness, group, clique, flight, body, conjunction, communal, cultural, panel, fraternity, friendship, alikeness, association, absorb, flash mobbing, ring, absorption, network, support group, citizen, participation, crowd, police, comradeship, biotic community, comparability, countryman, civilise, house, fellowship, confederacy, come before, figure, assimilate, signify, birthright, acculturate, community of interests, the community, bunch, civilisation, partnership, company, herd, civilization, advanced, dominate, resemblance, accept, colony, countrywoman, flock, camaraderie, assimilation, pack, club, civilize, specific, emphasize, hive, similitude, brace, brotherhood, federation, commission, coterie, anglicize, bevy, clan, cross-cultural, drove, neighborhood, public, profession, confederation, alliance, residential area, klatch, common, circle, citizenship, correspondence, galère, lot, union, lie at the heart of something, count, predominate, gaggle, set, corporation, aboriginal, flash mob, connection, civil society, sodality, compatriot, household, companionship, matter, residential district, the body politic, vocation, commune, coven, loom large, fold, lodge, civilized.

Usage examples: