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Definition of commute:

  1. To put one thing in the place of another; to mitigate; to change a penalty or punishment to one less severe.


win over, turn, mitigate, come up, modify, vary, punish, convert, transmute, veer, convince, hitchhike, transpose, exploration, crossing, circuit, go, penalize, travel back and forth, alter, teach someone a lesson, transform, ride, excursion, counterchange, cover, deepen, deal out, expedition, hitch, transfigure, decrease, cruise, transplant, exchange, day trip, switch over, mete out, discipline, drive, flight, change over, diversify, reduce, permute, shift, shuttle, make an example of someone, hand down, qualify, transfer, go down, alleviate, metamorphose, take the law into your own hands, travel, administer, change, interchange.