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Definition of compact:

  1. An agreement; a mutual contract; any agreement or treaty.
  2. Firm; close; solid; dense; not diffuse.
  3. To press closely together; to join firmly; to make close.


constrict, brochure, pack together, hug, back copy, summary, unyielding, silent, shrivel, let down, cluster, alliance, wooden-headed, stuff, fatheaded, twitch, cut, press, partnership, jampack, telegraphic, fusion, embrace, cloggy, league, bunch, comic book, gouge, deep, consolidated, big, undertake, union, fight, monosyllabic, clayey, eye shadow, dense, automatic, thickset, scale back, thin, jam-packed, stiff, blockheaded, impacted, demo, sign on, ram, epigrammatical, squeeze, shove, conjure, blocky, weight-lift, beseech, boneheaded, stocky, crisp, blusher, squelch, carry, dwarf, study at thick, mash, tweet, entreat, stodgy, concordat, packed, sententious, quiet, tamp down, chunky, press out, tamp, brass-tacks, thick-skulled, throng, fat, capsule, pile, marrowy, common ground, wedge, bargain, iron, thickheaded, apothegmatic, jam, comic, crusade, sign up, practice bundling, slurred, cruiser, concise, foreshorten, compendious, clump, dragster, eyeliner, powder compact, twinge, wring, load down, bullnecked, meaning, thick, minuscule, cabriolet, buddy-buddy, contract, weightlift, chock up, biweekly, discreet, duncish, estate, pressure, extort, classic car, coltish, thrust, duncical, tighten, bunch up, squash, compact car, wedged, campaign, close-packed, eyebrow pencil, covenant, coupe, succinct, bulletin, drumhead, constringe, stubby, back issue, heavyset, sign, crush, iron out, take, chummy, pack, mob, pithy, style, barrel-chested, agitate, close, greasepaint, confederacy, pinch, economical, urge, push, dumpy, laconic, loggerheaded, exhort, built, hard, backpack, coerce, rack, bosom, bid, thumbnail, epigrammatic, elliptical, tight, burly, bundle, brawny, beefy, coalition, confederation, broadsheet, force, rigid, bundle up, full, federation, heavy, convertible, adjure, hale, roll up, back number, bindi, aphoristic, face powder, foundation, get, crowded, weigh, urge on, cram, blush, serried, midget, compress, snug, wad.

Usage examples: