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Definition of compare:

  1. To set or bring things together in order to ascertain wherein they agree and wherein they differ- the objects to be compared may be thought of or be actually present; to liken; to refer to as similar for the purpose of illustration; to inflect an adjective.


equate, equal, connect, distinguish, link, equation, stack up, unique, discriminate, bracket, comparing, vie, without equal, tell/see the difference, liken, comparability, analogize, associate, same, differentiate, equalize, correlate, collate, set against, oppose, rival, resemble, distinctive, assimilate, juxtapose, touch, comparison, dissociate, examine, par, relate, identify, equalise, measure up, analyze, identify with, check against, correspond, balance, come up to, equivalence, weigh, equality, confront.

Usage examples: