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Definition of compensate:

  1. To give equal value to; to recompense; to make amends for.


insure, sort out, counterbalance, deal, recoup, oppose, animate, change, punish, counterpoise, amend, encompass, comprise, buy off, incubate, even out, overcompensate, recreate, bear the cost/expense etc., revivify, accord, handle, comprehend, overlay, pass over, behave, fabricate, set off, constitute, shift, flush, address, vivify, breed, chasten, patch up, make, objurgate, make up for, slump, get over, remediate, cut through, even, pay out, quicken, renovate, jog, avenge, level, be, conform, mend, hatch, hide, devote, chastise, settle with, conciliate, traverse, reciprocate, wrap up, underwrite, spread over, revive, requite, invent, shroud, embrace, tend, catch up with, track, make up, continue, diversify, order, redress, put up, recompense, yield, pay back, invest in, even off, indemnify, over-correct, square up, liquidate, ante up, even up, satisfy, represent, alter, decline, castigate, get across, right, substitute, report, turn into, convert, change into, furbish up, pay off, cut across, restore, steer a course, plow, correct, enshroud, fund, brood, revenge, revert to, finance, touch on, get, extend, spend, manufacture, reanimate, resort, repair, outweigh, remunerate, bushel, fix, go into, countervail, quit, pay up, cook up, doctor, discipline yourself, bear, cover up, become, be your normal self, discipline, conduct yourself, cross, cover.

Usage examples: