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Definition of compensation:

  1. Amends; recompense; what is given to supply a loss or make good a deficiency; satisfaction.


gain, requital, indemnity, performance-related pay, premium, remitment, makeover, step change, advantage, hire, emolument, starvation wages, setoff, reciprocity, leap, giving, boost, counterbalance, equivalent price, remittance, return for services, remittal, substitute, reprisal, improvement, coverage, recoupment, self-improvement, defrayal, meed, quittance, upswing, a change for the better/worse, kickback, deserts, minimum wage, benefit, development, turnaround, quittance, damages, paying, down payment, rise, pay, contribution, indemnification, living, recompense, counterclaim, payback, advance, indemnification, indemnity, commission.

Usage examples: