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Definition of competition:

  1. Rivalry; strife for superiority; emulation.


asset, book, game, war, rivalry, brokerage, disputation, sweepstakes, coffee klatch, striving, challenger, event, capacity, candidate, do, rival, blind date, contention, debate, duel, race, favourite, trial, conflict, entrant, bout, dinner party, account, tilt, meet, competitor, sport, engagement, match, ambition, beauty parade, tourney, cannibalize, counteraction, opponent, tangle, combat, corrivalry, battle, grapple, aspiration, contender, fringe, the competition, disceptation, corrival, warfare, face-off, contest, rumpus, ball game, encounter, black tie, opposition, tug of war, scramble, business plan, wrestling, controversy, argument, business, evening, favorite, struggle, confrontation, meeting, clash, antagonism, arguing, field, alliance, dogfight, contestant, strife, company, tournament, matchup, free-for-all, racing, joust, emulation, broking, fight, all-comers, candidacy, contestation, partnership.

Usage examples: