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Definition of competitive:

  1. In the way of competition; emulous.


free enterprise, competitory, motivated, economic, dog-eat-dog, contending, business-to-business, militant, combative, emulous, war-ridden, insistent, rivalrous, handsome, comfortable, sedulous, dedicated, business, accredited, belligerent, affordable, capitalistic, purposeful, devastating, warlike, economy, warring, anticompetitive, friendly, driven, capitalist, low-end, favorable, competing, private-enterprise, convincing, agonistic, brisk, big, decisive, hardball, hawkish, ambitious, persistent, rival, agonistic, hot, brick-and-mortar, bloated, aggressive, agonistical, determined, conflict, contentious, collective, hotly, all-night, matched, antagonistic.

Usage examples: