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Definition of complacent:

  1. Civil; agreeable; having a desire or disposition to please.


prideful, stuck-up, biggety, self-righteous, complacency, unconcerned, egotistic, like a bull in a china shop, Midland, careless, nonchalant, self-conceited, apathetic, vain, disinterested, pococurante, pompous, important, swellheaded, consequential, self-opinionated, bigheaded, egoistic, assured, insouciant, self-complacent, casual, uninterested, vainglorious, remiss, smug, proud, perfunctory, insensible, content, self-important, incurious, self-satisfied, lackadaisical, uncurious, contented, slipshod, overweening.

Usage examples: