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Definition of complain:

  1. Complaint.


strike up, raise the roof, sanction, animadvert, yowl, recoil, mutter, murmur, speak out, maunder, squeal, kick back, approve, bellyache, find fault, expostulate, happy, grump, croak, lodge, whimper, sound off, holler, bemoan, object to, attack, grumble, kvetch, squawk, yammer, gripe, growl, give up, speak up, scream, quetch, moan, howl, beef, disapprove, whine, carp, refute, kick, fret, caterwaul, remonstrate, repine, yawp, mourn, whinge, tattle, cavil, nag, feelings, bitch, fuss, crab, wail, inveigh, grouse, take something further, bleat, opine, grunt, kick up a fuss/stink/argument, plain, cry, censure, grieve, contravene, grizzle, keen.

Usage examples: