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Definition of complaint:

  1. Expression of grief, regret, & c.; murmuring; fault- finding; a bodily ailment; a charge against any one or a thing, & c.


electric charge, contagion, boot, question, holler, care, bleat, demurral, cathexis, rap, carp, difficulty, mission, kick, demur, distemper, rush, explosive charge, grouse, epidemic, ail, bitch, gripe, flush, whimper, heraldic bearing, unsoundness, moan, grumble, murmur, rant, exception, bursting charge, bearing, whinge, plaint, burster, thrill, trouble, lament, direction, expostulation, stink, grouch, remonstrance, distemperature, health, happy, beef, demurrer, guardianship, billing, yammer, kvetch, tutelage, fuss, armorial bearing, squawk, ill, miserere, commission, wail, bang, whine.

Usage examples: