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Definition of complement:

  1. A filling up or completing; that which is wanted to complete or fill up some quantity or thing; something added by way of ornament.


allophone, acute angle, collate, full complement, entirety, batch, musical accompaniment, counterpart, accusative, excess, piece together, corresponding angles, arrange, blend, correlative, equal, order, pile, antecedent, co-occurrence, constituent, real estate, collocate, azimuth, surplus, whole, arithmetic, support, spare, correlate, wholeness, obtuse angle, match up, amount, cleft sentence, complete, harmonize, ingredient, inclination, crook, match, lay out, volume, makeup, angle, article, enrichment, organize, heap, consolidate, accompanied, overrun, accompaniment, overcapacity, concomitant, accumulation, overflow, go with, totality, layer, rest, balance, overkill, attendant, allomorph, agree, range, combine, adjunct, remainder, complementary angles, cubage, part, addition, clause, adjacent angles, DNA, enhancement, filler, block, backup, hang together, capacity, backlog, sort, allocation, allowance, supplement, escort, case.

Usage examples: