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Definition of complex:

  1. Intricate; composed of two or more parts or things; not simple; difficult.


labyrinthine, mixed, intricate, delusion, complicated, paradoxical, thickening, mazy, involved, undecipherable, block, inflected, bombardment, composite, apartment complex, incomprehensible, deluge, coordination compound, compact, involute, twisted, interlacing, understandable, meandering, roundabout, conglomerate, cornucopia, inextricable, barracks, defense, multiform, avalanche, declarative, confused, multiple, inscrutable, crabbed, confusing, grammatical, multiplex, huddle, interlocking, Byzantine, aggregate, obscure, single, cascade, building complex, tortuous, unfathomable, tangled, mingled, devious, abstruse, development, feminine, Daedalian, fixation, sophisticated, compound, knotty, center, disordered, rambling, simple, plain, deictic, conditional, sinuous, fancy, interwoven, colonial, composite, circuitous, composite plant, complicate, intricate, bonanza, compound, muddled, mosaic, catharsis, defense mechanism, excursive, enigmatic, analyzable, interlinking, blizzard, concentration, damage, exorcism, apparent, detailed, tangled, miscellaneous, hidden, entangled, winding, daedal, decomposable, convoluted, heterogeneous, involved, manifold, gordian, frequentative, fixated, conditioning, megaplex, feast, combined, recondite, labyrinthian, baroque, multifactorial, simplified, irreducible, cryptic, impenetrable, contorted, complicated.

Usage examples: