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Definition of compliment:

  1. An expression of civility, respect, or regard- used in this sense generally in the plu., as, my compliments to a friend; a present or favour bestowed.
  2. To flatter; to praise; to congratulate; to address with expressions of approbation, esteem, or respect.


a pat on the back, good afternoon, hi, tribute, cheers, hey, sing someone's/something's praises, kudo, approbation, panegyric, good day, kudos, give, congratulations, respect, pleased to meet you, plume, preen, good morning, plaudit, good evening, laudation, credit, pat someone on the back, beau geste, sycophancy, pay someone a compliment, pride, felicitations, cheering, favor, hello, courtesy, brownie points, acclamation, commendations, celebration, encomium, greetings, regard, hiya, all right.

Usage examples: