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Definition of compose:

  1. To form one entire body or thing by joining together several individuals, things, or parts; to write as an author; to calm; to quiet; to place or dispose in proper form; to set up types; to form a piece of music.


compile, belong to, haul up, put together, atmospherics, trigger, beat out, put, frame, pattern, bring about, photograph, outline, salve, draw up, spell, frame in, back, make up, get down, straighten up, set down, expose, accompany, dash off, pap, blot out, redact, set up, capture, enter into, drop a line, becalm, couch, simmer down, hoard, save, quieten, configure, go into, focus, copy down, lullaby, imagine, bang out, blast, commit something to paper/writing, border, be, roll up, put pen to paper, amass, publish, catalyze, set off, start off, inaugurate, baton, abate, originate, blow up, indite, restraint, come out, pen, turn out, frame up, author, conceive, note, blast away, produce, ensnare, contain, create, cancel, re-collect, pile up, accumulate, craft, entrap, consist of, write, Make, articulation, pull up.

Usage examples: