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Definition of composition:

  1. The act of composing; the thing composed; any mass or body formed by combining together two or more substances; combining ideas or thoughts, arranging them in order, and committing them to writing; a book written by an author; any union, combination, or disposition of parts; the payment of a part only of a debt in lieu of the full debt; the sum so paid; synthesis as opposed to analysis.


story, art object, designing, words, man, opus, agreement, settlement, aesthetic, ordonnance, constellation, background, balance, configuration, writing, consistency, creation, stand, written material, newspaper publisher, proportion, condition, placing, base, account, accommodation, part, as is, rhythm, planning, piece of writing, write up, spell, newspaper, musical composition, verse, medium, consonance, report card, exposition, effect, musical theme, form, piece, slice, organization, melodic theme, piece of music, biography, concord, make-up, paper, distribution, root word, fundamental law, small-arm, war paint, subject, preservation, back catalog, homage, artwork, synthesis, cherub, objet d'art, penning, theme, symmetry, written report, chef d'oeuvre, flavor, legend, patch, physical composition, draftsmanship, conception, production, fine art, establishment, news report, organisation, book, give-and-take, article, presentation, composing, style, commission, compromise, state, canon, reputation, radical, conformation, assemblage, make, poetry, layout, art, root, number, agree, makeup, essay, topic, design, work, authorship, organic law, paternity, while, stem, idea, report, study, format, motif, typography, committal to writing, constitution, getup, pattern, bit, firearm.

Usage examples: