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Definition of composure:

  1. A settled state of the mind; calmness; tranquillity; sedateness.


control, composedness, imperturbation, even temper, phlegm, equability, insensibility, moderation, sluggishness, tolerance, self-control, sang-froid, coolness, self-composedness, harmony, cool head, unconcern, dispassion, collectedness, fortitude, quietude, equilibrium, self-restraint, unflappability, aplomb, steadiness, quietness, ease, immobility, gravity, collectedness, apathy, tranquilness, dignity, nonchalance, evenness, stability, unfeelingness, imperturbableness, self-possession, countenance, presence of mind, balance, peace of mind, serene state of mind, quiescence, self-possession, tranquil mind, stoicism, calm air, self-command, cool, coolness, concord, imperturbability, sobriety, restraint, sangfroid, lethargy, inexcitability, balance, nonchalance, impassibility, cool, cool-headedness, feelings, unflappability, indifference, tranquillity, forbearance, assurance, aplomb, staidness, imperturbability, a cool head, sang-froid, level-headedness, self-assurance.

Usage examples: