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Definition of comprehensive:

  1. Embracing much; large; full.


universal, discursive, unadulterated, good, encyclopaedic, the sum total, altogether, spatiotemporal, umbrella, out-and-out, omnibus, well-rounded, resounding, contributory, far-ranging, perfect, sound, encyclopedic, compleat, actuarial, general, all-inclusive, all-or-nothing, broad, door-to-door, wide-ranging, adult education, pure, absolute, widespread, carrier, extramural, compendious, spaciotemporal, specific, sweeping, wide-reaching, ecumenical, utter, wide, synoptic, broad-spectrum, cosmopolitan, thoroughgoing, worldwide, embracive, all-embracing, extended, distance learning, clean, intercollegiate, all-in, comprising, all-round, in-depth, assurance, actuary, all-around, wholesale, all-encompassing, super, coeducation, across-the-board, overall, cover-all, broker, extramural, house-to-house, oecumenical, large, panoptic, cyclopedic, all-out, continuing education, outright, collegiate, comp, everything, inclusive, overall, unabridged, extensive, comprehensive examination, widespread, collision damage waiver, benefit, higher education, adjuster, broad-gauge, containing, plenary, blanket, far-reaching, encompassing, extracurricular, panoramic.

Usage examples: