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Definition of compress:

  1. Folds of soft linen cloth used to cover the dressings of wounds, & c., or to keep them in their proper place and defend them from the air.
  2. To crush or force into a smaller bulk; to press together; to bring within narrow limits; to squeeze.


sign on, access, foreshorten, bosom, conjure, corset, wedge, undertake, telescope, fix, thrust, wrap closely, Band-Aid, increase, weightlift, push, narrow, pack, delete, burn, hug, exhort, pack together, sign up, crowd, schedule, censor, take, capsulize, coagulate, rearrange, crusade, append, grind, make brief, bring forward, cane, back up, mash, capture, cram, constrict, embrace, time, force, constringe, bind tightly, beseech, braces, consolidate, cotton ball, press, extort, scrunch, squelch, pressure, contract, pinch, epitomize, cramp, crush, browse, postpone, iron, tighten, move, dramatize, put back, get, tighten, dehydrate, restrict in area, weight-lift, iron out, sign, summarize, boil down, agitate, collapse, tweet, cotton, bid, abstract, capsule, collar, depress, coerce, rub, wring, call up, urge on, hale, rack, cast, ram, stuff, fight, squeeze, twinge, press together, entreat, shove, make terse, force into a smaller space, compact, bandage, author, block, adapt, cut, cut down, wad, bundle, gouge, twitch, squash, urge, archive, weigh, adjure, burn in, reschedule, squeeze together, put off, campaign, press out, shrivel, bowdlerize.

Usage examples: