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Definition of comprise:

  1. To include within itself; to comprehend; to contain or embrace.


lie, stop, characterize, subsume, catch up with, settle, even off, take in, stage, bear, even up, consist, dwell, incorporate, cook up, establish, come down to, reconcile, nominate, act, plant, hold back, institute, lay out, compensate, Be, add up to, comprehend, represent, present, map, engross, sum up, arrest, stand for, correct, symbolise, check, lie in, be composed of, make, curb, exemplify, found, feature, contain, fabricate, amount to, take in, pay, take into account, pay off, cover, moderate, enfold, defend, add on, enter into, exist, even out, consist in, equal, be contained in, be resolvable into, play, be made up of, turn back, make up, typify, correspond, symbolize, constitute, carry, form, follow, counterbalance, interpret, manufacture, embrace, conciliate, take, consist of, embrace, patch up, hold in, epitomize, appoint, name, define, build in, encircle, span, muster, invent, take into consideration, have, compass, control, personify, cost, count in, subsume, live.

Usage examples: