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Definition of comrade:

  1. A mate; an intimate companion; an associate in occupation.


consort, confederate, beau, socialist, brother, fellow traveler, cohort, sidekick, confrere, associate, the ANC, Red, buster, swain, accomplice, commie, musketeer, associate degree, dude, confidante, coadjutor, running mate, girlfriend, feller, bloke, Bolshevik, companion, hobnobber, lad, compatriot, fella, cuss, the House Un-American Activities Committee, near, alter ego, firm friends, study at associate, communist, gent, fellow traveller, the labor movement, blighter, helpmate, compadre, compeer, blood brother, boyfriend, the HUAC, fellow, familiar, peer, chap, young man, familiar spirit.

Usage examples: