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Definition of conceal:

  1. To keep out of sight; to keep secret; to cover; to disguise; to dissemble.


curb, blot out, bottle up, keep quiet about something, hide out, secrete, veil, submerge, show, moderate, keep your mouth shut, ensconce, keep your own counsel, control, blanket, confine, wait, manage, hold, inter, block, entomb, keep back, keep, not breathe a word, hide, shroud, hold back, suppress, shut off, stop, check, plant, repress, tuck away, hold in, hold off, study at hide, dissemble, keep someone guessing, enclose, obstruct, paper over, cover, retain, turn back, arrest, deal with, forbear, cache, overwhelm, occult, obliterate, contain, master, stash, restrain, keep something to yourself, curtain, keep mum, belie, lie low.

Usage examples: