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Definition of concede:

  1. To yield; to admit as true, just, or proper; to surrender.


relent, suffer, accord, deliver, budge, deed over, part with, ease up, bow, break up, quit, fess up, buckle under, move over, award, surrender, bear, confess, hand, chalk something up, acknowledge, go out, knuckle under, soften, avow, fess, contribute, knowledge, concession, capitulate, give away, agree, acknowledge, lose, help, cushion, give way, arbitrate, give, deadlock, profess, buckle, hand over, win, let on, consent to, go down, return, allot, own, succumb, submit, grant, pay, yield, render, affirm, bomb out of, cede, call off, admit, squeal, generate, present, bridge-building, assist, conciliate, attack, all, afford, distribute, vouchsafe, give up, lavish, pretend, fink, roll over, bury, aggregate, give in, come clean, blink.

Usage examples: