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Definition of conceive:

  1. To form in the mind; to imagine; to understand or comprehend; to think; to receive into the womb; to breed.


Midland, draw a conclusion/an inference, cotton, count, appraise, weigh, carry, conjure, artificial insemination, appreciate, comprehend, register, ken, seize, cerebrate, fancy, retrieve, hold, conceptualize, mean, trust, take, make out, call up, conceit, visualization, fantasy, figure, reckon, feature, tumble, cast, grasp, cognize, behold, fertilization, assisted reproduction, regard, conceptualise, work out, cerebrate, study, deem, vision, infer, measure, fertilise, assimilate, decipher, recollect, take in, read, think up, sum up, discern, conception, frame, accept, visualize, sense, fertilize, catch on, come up with, understand, follow, debate, moot, compass, dope out, look at, envisage, breed, think, bear, project, believe, have visions of (doing) something, see, get, deal, recognize, deliberate, devise, know, hit on, grok, allow, call back, recall, strategize, turn over, lay, judge, beget, remember, cogitate, have a bun in the oven, gestate, planned, decode, view, esteem, dig, father, dream, give (full) rein to something/give something (full) rein, image, catch, read into, fathom, picture, apprehend, savvy, feel, twig, intuit, consider.

Usage examples: