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Definition of concentrate:

  1. To bring to one point; to bring to a common centre; to cause to come nearer to a common point or centre; to increase the weight or specific gravity of a body.


put up, constellate, agglomerate, build up, digest, center on, decoct, exist, bend, stick out, rendezvous, direct, bring down, pick up, belong, get, sharpen, address, group, polarize, revolve around, reduce, huddle, distill, pay attention, convene, cut down, thin, muster, concern yourself, listen, solid, revolve about, lump, narrow, sign, knuckle down, embody, dressed ore, rivet, medium, turn to, focus on, turn, repress, garner, centralize, bulk, converge, center, cut, boil down, examine, focalise, brook, tolerate, melt off, take, tighten, slim down, conglomerate, centralise, zero in on, aggregate, bunch, keep down, lose weight, agent, bear, coalesce, stomach, sit up and take notice, sign up, dedicate, set, subdue, amass, store, edge, suffer, hoard, congest, give, sit, concenter, concentre, ruminate, assemble, fasten, material, unify, corral, intensify, accrete, stack, stuff, press, accumulate, support, come down, condense, strengthen, gather, deoxidize, scale down, slim, focalize, combine, foreshorten, concentrate on, fix, endure, scrutinize, swarm, drift, ignore, quash, work, slenderize, apply, channel, undertake, lie, trim down, disperse, buckle down, there is/are etc., distil, take notice, dilute, occupy, focus, mass, constrict, sign on, pore, hone in on, deoxidise, collect, subjugate, pile, congregate, round up, matter, abide, wax, cluster, cut back, forgather, stand, squeeze, train, substance, trim back, powder, localize, consolidate, thin out, centre, devote.

Usage examples: