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Definition of conception:

  1. See under conceit.
  2. The act of conceiving or being conceived; image or idea in the mind; view, sentiment, or thought.


pattern, view, conceit, originating, founding, invention, creative activity, picture, predilection, construct, attitude, father, cognition, intent, feeling, macrocosm, institution, outset, stance, onset, design, generality, arrival, intellection, instauration, fertilise, concept, artificial insemination, vagary, liking, belief, reputation, humor, beget, assisted reproduction, cogitation, creation, desire, purpose, fancy, whim, fertilize, starting point, realization, existence, considering, mind's eye, initiation, world, fertilization, designing, thoughts, foundation, figure, mood, excogitation, abstraction, innovation, comprehension, apprehension, stand, cosmos, impression, universe, caprice, appearance, self-assessment, understanding, interpretation, viewpoint, inclination, representation, musing, breed, conceive, stereotype, dreaming.

Usage examples: