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Definition of concern:

  1. That which relates or belongs to one; business, interest, or affair; anxiety; careful regard; a business or those connected with it.
  2. To relate or belong to; to interest or affect; to be of importance to; to take an interest in.


link up, pressure, business, weigh on, busy, account, refer, canker, accountability, associate, lodge in, furbish up, matter to, forethought, impact, revive, tear apart, the biz, foreboding, element, commitment, look up, bogey, care, upkeep, resuscitate, vexation, unease, stress, business organisation, apply, mention, pertain to, apprehension, tint, reverence, house, consult, patronage, tie in, tinge, respect, shape, outfit, bugaboo, absorb, misgiving, tension, interact, annoying, be bound up/together, ardor, advert, nervousness, alarm, responsibility, affect, perturbation, nervosity, worry, demons, mend, business sector, reside, continue, name, perplexity, line, stir, contact, anguish, byplay, staple, agita, engage, precaution, strain, bother, irritation, uphold, bring out, carry on, love, disquietude, dread, vex, fretting, rival, adjoin, touch on, acquisition, commercial enterprise, anxiety, blue chip, bear upon, trust, agitation, head ache, engross, equal, charge, allude, colligate, tinct, strike, be associated with, obligation, agent, doctor, duty, priority, have something to do with something, tending, business organization, affiliate, bear on, push, base, fear, have-to doe with, disquiet, disturb, tutelage, put, relate, line of work, connect, agency, passion, distress, maintenance, cite, touch, burning issue/question, deference, cancer, cephalalgia, feature, key, cark, romance, fix, repair, occupy, reach, unsettle, come into play, ail, partake, disturbance, stage business, clientele, frighten, bring up, veneration, apprehensiveness, admiration, uneasiness, meet, solicitude, bogie, come to, basis, link, business concern, essence, preserve, anchor, headache, onus, interrelate, core, guardianship, make a difference, hit, trouble, big business, annoyance, invade, devotion, bushel, blanket, do with, awe, relevant, fretfulness, extend to, bugbear, chafe, take effect, match, correspond, compulsion, fright, anxiousness, concernment, matter, sweat, surround, pertain, aid, take, restore, denote, business enterprise, fill, fearfulness, appertain, use up, botheration, get.

Usage examples: