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Definition of concession:

  1. The act of yielding or conceding; the thing yielded; a grant; acknowledgment by way of apology.


authorization, wares, acknowledgment, give-and-take, bakeshop, cure, bookshop, beauty parlor, admission, concede, remedy, conceding, book club, antique shop, product, way out, reduction, grant, arbitrate, nosedive, boon, goods, assignment, bookstore, access, on sale, public interest, consumer goods, franchise, bookstall, permit, loss leader, fix, honor, merchandise, giving up, on offer, discount, entry, heuristics, defeat, pullout, cash discount, solution, process of elimination, off, right, call off, acquisition, entrance, answer, subsidisation, subsidization, conciliate, big-box store, priority, barbershop, special offer, avowal, twofer, buckle, voice, agree, appanage, negotiation, bundle, break up, bridge-building, come-on, yielding, resolution, beauty salon, self-confession, surrender.

Usage examples: