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Definition of conciliate:

  1. To win or gain, as the affections or goodwill; to reconcile or bring to a state of friendship persons or parties formerly at enmity or variance.


correct, break up, satisfy, attune, pacify, accommodate, suit, catch up with, hold, assuage, concede, appease, fall, get back, cook up, pay off, steady down, finalize, stay, oblige, adapt, square up, fabricate, locate, lodge, counterbalance, lenify, invent, comprise, study at pacify, love, palliate, resolve, determine, settle down, descend, quench, sweeten, slake, even off, dulcify, be, make, harmonise, fit, temper, take root, pay, concession, conform, patch, sink, harmonize, submit, propitiate, admit, decide, patch up, gentle, even out, gruntle, ennoble, constitute, alleviate, reunite, settle, represent, key, disarm, square off, coordinate, go down, reconcile, manufacture, even up, resign, placate, root, ensconce, call off, go under, subside, entitle, make up, mollify, finalise, nail down, bridge-building, buckle, season, compensate.

Usage examples: