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Definition of conclude:

  1. To infer; to decide or determine; to close or finish; to end; to form an opinion.


name, discontinue, to coin a phrase, set, intermit, argue, close down, give out, rumor/word/legend has it that, lapse, organize, negotiate, shut down, dead-end, come down, close up, dispose of, arrange, bargain, shut, come together, go, concert, start, finish with, carry through, round, dry up, extrapolate, agree, break up, resolve, decide, refrain, call it a day/night, settle, adjudicate, bring to an end, proscribe, orchestrate, wind up, desist, solve, clear, do, fix, run out, like I say/said, I have it on good authority (that), bring something to an end/a close/a halt, call a halt (to something), break off, fold, pass, think ahead, arrive at, come to an end, reason, break, commit yourself, dissolve, make up your mind, from what I hear/from what I've heard, answer, wink, map out, fill up, draw to a close/an end, draw up, abstain, give over, opt, someone tells me (that), reason out, quote...unquote, close out, come to, get through, purpose, round off, wind down, pause, by the sound of it/things, elapse, quit, derive, let up, leave off, (the) word is that, draw, deduct, make out, choose, dream up.

Usage examples: