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Definition of concrete:

  1. A compound; any mass formed of lime, sand, pebbles, & c.
  2. To unite or form into one mass; to congeal or grow hard.
  3. United in growth; formed by massing several things together; having a real existence; not abstract, but applied to a subject- as white, abstract, white sugar, concrete.


cardboard, elastic, ice, sensible, varnish, brownstone, tangible, aggregate, sure-enough, asbestos, de facto, clear-headed, definitely, cement, specific, precise, carpet, factual, very, balanced, detailed, particular, body, practical, tile, monolithic, certain, pragmatic, logical, compact, horny, bitumen, board, wax, unyielding, board over, grounded, glazed, plaster, effective, matter, glass, phenomenal, solid, plate, alabaster, especial, acrylic, acrylic, adobe, existent, brick, peculiar, boarding, distinct, paper, caulk, mature, realistic, special, earthen, bone, objective, undeniable, rational, substantive, accurate, definite, real, strong.

Usage examples: