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Definition of concur:

  1. To assent; to consent.


gibe, have, carry, concert, hold up, declare, match, harbour, harmonise, support, accord, go hand in hand, hold, defend, coincide, reserve, keep back, curb, have got, oblige, chime with, equal, hold back, correspond, book, hold in, come with, take, control, defy, co-occur, retain, make, maintain, give, obligate, contain, withstand, team, prevail, adjudge, coexist, sustain, near, join, take hold, get together, moderate, go for, harbor, throw, go along with, check, bear, fit, take for, restrain, cooccur, consort, attend, accommodate, halt, confine, go together, concord, go with, keep, be in harmony, bind, subscribe to, see eye to eye (with someone), nurse, be as one, be in agreement, conspire, fit in, harmonize, view as, arrest, guard, apply, clash, deem, be of like mind, tally, obtain, conjoin, jibe, agree, study at consent, league, entertain, admit.

Usage examples: