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Definition of condemnation:

  1. The act of condemning; the act of declaring one guilty; the cause or reason for condemning.


prison term, loathing, abomination, reprimand, reproof, oath, hex, riot act, objection, torment, rebuke, reproval, check, animadversion, mud, uproar, knock, jinx, scourge, upbraiding, objurgation, conviction, curse word, sentence, stricture, praise, odium, disapprobation, expletive, detestation, comment, execration, time, reprobation, article of faith, barrage, denunciation, bane, admonition, curse, cuss, judgment of conviction, pan, recrimination, reflection, reprehension, faultfinding, excoriation, commination, chiding, abhorrence, swearing, strong belief, nemesis, bashing, swearword, whammy.

Usage examples: