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Definition of condense:

  1. Thick; close.
  2. To make more close, thick, or compact; to make close by pressure; to compress or reduce into a smaller compass; to grow or become thick.


press, bubble, cloud, abide, sign on, extract, boil over, digest, make pure, decoct, pore, cut, suffer, telescope, capsule, bowdlerize, thicken, dramatize, brook, boil, let down, sublimate, collapse, scale back, break down, support, centralize, stand, summarize, rivet, cut down, centralise, capsulize, narrow, get, stomach, boil away, atomize, take, append, long, undertake, clear, sign up, censor, boil down, focus, foreshorten, sign, inspissate, put up, increase, concentrate, boil up, solid, tolerate, consolidate, adapt, purify, constrict, delete, dwarf, bear, endure, centre, bake, stick out, shrivel, distil, thin, distill, center, constringe.

Usage examples: