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Definition of condescend:

  1. To do some act of courtesy or kindness to an inferior as if an equal; to stoop or descend; to submit; to yield.


talk down, buy at, respect, derive, shop at, patronage, lower oneself, sing small, bend, go to someone's head, deign, rise, queen it over someone, demean oneself, support, assume a superior air, descend, come down a peg, settle, lord it over someone, do something as if you own the place, shop, lord, patronize, assume a patronizing air, high-hat, keep going, over, submit with good grace, attitude, come down, favor, patronise, think the world revolves around you, unbend, flatter yourself, vouchsafe, crouch, degrade oneself, bow, go Hollywood, come, go down, humble oneself, talk down to, stoop, frequent, get above yourself, sponsor, waive a privilege, accord, fall, graciously stoop.

Usage examples: